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There is nothing like an antique cookstove to bring that extra level of authenticity to a kitchen in an old house. These antique ranges were beautifully designed with the latest and greatest features of technology back when they began their service, whether they were originally wood burning, gas, or oil fired. more 

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This bright contemporary kitchen features an antique kitchen stove (just visible on the right wall)

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When antique stoves are restored for a new kitchen today, they are often retrofitted with modern burners and thermostat controls during the rebuilding process. They retain their classic look, yet they function a lot more like a modern appliance. But not quite like a modern appliance! They do often still have special clearance and height issues, since they were designed prior to the establishment of modern kitchen and appliance standards. Also, even with retrofit burners and controls, they should not be expected to perform quite to the level of a modern state-of-the-art range or cooktop – yet they can be a very satisfying compromise between old and new.

Our own showroom features a classic 1920's Crawford gas range that was rebuilt by master stove restorer Dave Erickson. Take a look at the photo of what it looked like before it was restored, too – quite a difference!


Our stove before Dave Erickson's restoration

...and after restoration

New Hampshire had several stove manufacturers around the turn of the last century, including the William P. Ford & Co. right here in Concord, NH.


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